Top Four Frequently Asked Questions Regarding RTA Kitchen Cabinets


Talk of convenience, affordability, and versatility when you talk of RTA kitchen cabinets. RTA Kitchen cabinets stand for ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, and as the name may suggest, they are an affordable option for most homeowners who are looking to save both on time and cost in their kitchen remodeling project. The RTA Depot DIY cabinets will be delivered right to your doorstep in a flat pack together with all the hardware required for assembly. Here are some questions answered if you are wondering whether or not the RTA kitchen cabinets are an ideal option for your remodeling project.

What do I get when I order for RTA Depot cabinets?
Once you place your order of these cabinets, you will get all of the parts cut to the desired size. All holes will be drilled where they ought to, and the finish that you desire will be applied. The parts will then be stacked together, wrapped and RTA depot will ship them right to your doorstep. You will also get an instructional manual on how to assemble the parts and put them up together.

Where do I Purchase the ready-to-assemble cabinets?
Some big-box stores have RTA cabinets which you can purchase, and so is the internet. Most DIY homeowners prefer buying online owing to a broader selection and high quality of RTA cabinets available. Besides, in a physical store, you will be limited to the stock available, but the RTA Depot online provides you with an unlimited supply of the highest quality RTA kitchen cabinets you could get anywhere else.

Is it Cheaper to Buy RTA Cabinets?
By all means yes, you get to save a substantial amount of money on this investment. For starters, since the parts come disassembled, it means the shipping cost will be less compared to that of a fully assembled kitchen cabinet set as the disassembled parts take less room. Secondly, since you will be doing the assembly and installation by yourself, it means you get to save as well on labor charges.

Will I experience any trouble putting the RTA Cabinets together?
The reason why most DIY homeowners are turning to RTA Depot cabinets is that of their ease of installation. They do not take much of your time as well, hence also an attractive option for that busy homeowner whose time is not on their side. Most of the RTA depot cabinets will need nothing more than wood dowels, glue, and screws, all of which are shipped alongside the cabinets. Be sure you are getting your kitchen cabinets from a reliable online source at this page so you can get all these supplies plus the assembly instructions.

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